Women can get sex for free but they are willing to pay for it. Nearly six percent of commercial sex services are used by women in Australia. There is a huge demand for male escorts agency Sydney. Here are some of the honest revelations of a Sydney Male Sex Worker.

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Male escorts have encountered a lot of women of different ages. They shared the working experience with various women of different ages.

Women in Their 20’s
Women in their 20’s are passionate and look for someone who can teach any new moves and how to do it right with their boyfriend. They often seek for something new and to unveil new secrets for pleasure.

Women in Their 30s

It is surprising yet fact that escorts don’t have women clients who are in their 30s. Women in their 30s are busy with marriage, career, etc. But those who approach them are the women who are lonely and fed up with their lifestyle.


Women in Their 40s
The women in 40s completely avoid fuss by meeting men in a bar or from any online dating site. They just want a simple fling without any issues. This is the reason why they go for a male escort.

Women in Their 50s or More
The women in their 50s need a little bit affection and a loving touch. They want comfort more than sex.


Some couples who have different sexual desires or who want to spice up their relationship. One of the three clients that come to escorts is couples only. Men who can’t perform in bed or who want to give their wife a present approach these escorts. Male escorts for a couple in Sydney are a huge business.

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Ground Rules that Escorts lay for themselves
Similar to female escorts male escorts also give the highest priority to safety. They are well trained and fit enough to satisfy their customers. The agencies lay certain rules before hiring the male escorts. They go through regular health check-up. The most surprising thing that male escorts say is most of the women who hire are the one who requires a person to talk and hear what they say. They just need someone who doesn’t judge them and just want to cuddle.
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